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About Trance4mation Games

These emotional rescue games were developed by Leslie Robinson, a therapist and the Founder & CEO of Trance4mation Games, a Company designed to help us all to Feel, Deal & Heal!

Trance4mation Games’ develops and launches

Trance4mation Games’ develops and launches Restorative Communication games and products which have impacted approximately one hundred thousand lives nationally. These games and products heal, restore and transform lives and relationships. Through thoughtfully designed and tested questions and interactions, these first to market games of “Human Sense” and compassion provide a safe structured space for people to explore, reflect on, share and process who they really are; their struggles, dreams, memories, values, feelings, lives and experiences with one another, while they bridge and connect people across all divides and barriers. Making courageous, transparent and healing conversations enjoyable and accessible, these intimate, face to face communication games have proven to fill an extensive void in our fast paced, increasingly disconnected technological world.

Trance4mation Games

has targeted, and is presently directly impacting five of American societies most pressing issues; those of Diversity & Inclusion, Veteran Reintegration, Prisoner Reentry and Recidivism, Gang Life, and Policing.

About the Creator:

Leslie has been on the front lines throughout her entire adult life, working hard to find solutions to the great lack of resources to help us to connect deeply with people in our own lives in restorative and impactful ways. Leslie has developed her games in order to bring social and emotional healing to all people who wish to have a vehicle through which they can be more vulnerable, and have more access to their own inner lives, as well as others. Finally, a way to go much deeper into who we really are with ourselves and with one another, in an engaging and enjoyable way!

Please feel free to contact Leslie.

Due to this time of social distancing and because so many people are suffering emotionally as well as financially, Leslie is looking for partners to bring her games online, and to build Healing Communities amongst, and for, the Formerly Incarcerated, Veterans and Service Members, and Families in general. Leslie is also seeking a tech partner for her Addictions Recovery Board game.

Leslie can be reached at, or at 917-302-5086.

If you have interest in translating this game into another language, please contact Leslie. We would like to have the CPR game in as many languages as possible. Thank you!


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