For the Love of Justice

For free!


For the Love of Justice is dedicated to George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, and to all who have been murdered, and who have suffered in a multitude of untold ways from centuries of structural and systemic racism, and the actions enacted because of this.

It is our hope that the conversations encouraged by For the Love of Justice will provide a Safe and Sacred Space for healing old and new wounds, as well as to bring us together across divides. Please feel free to "play" in multicultural groups, as well as in identified race specific groups, as this is a place for Healing, and how you Heal is up to you. Please feel free to Lead your own group, on an ongoing basis.

This is a place to listen with LOVE. With LOVE we all win. When we play For the Love of Justice, we are all undeniably EQUAL. We hope your participation will provide you with some Peace, Understanding, Love and Hope.

As these conversations have the possibility of becoming tense, we would like to offer some basic Ground Rules:

  • CONFIDENTIALITY – People might share very personal things. Please all agree that whatever is said during game play, will remain confidential.
  • RESPECT – When people do not feel respected, they shut down. This is the opposite of the mission of For the Love of Justice. It is important that everyone listens to one another with Respect (with a capital R).
  • ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT – Please remain focused and listening and participating actively. This will help to fortify and to enhance the healing energy of the group.
  • AGREE TO DISAGREE – You might vehemently disagree with what someone is sharing. This is a safe space where everyone is invited to simply speak their own truth. We never know how our words, upon reflection will help others to shift their thinking and beliefs.
  • BE AWARE OF ONE ANOTHER AND TIME SPEAKING – Please make sure that you do not dominate the conversation, so that others will have time to process their own feelings and experiences, and to share and be part of the conversation.
  • NO ATTACKS PERMITTED – Enough said!


For the Love of Justice contains 85 Questions.

Please ENTER For the Love of Justice and begin. Choose someone to go first. Whoever chooses the question is the Leader for that round. The Leader reads the question out loud, then each participant will answer the same question, until every participant has answered. If someone chooses not to participate in a question, that is fine as well. Then, the next person is to choose the next question, and so on. You will see a previous and next button -- designed so you can go backwards and forwards, to choose the question you wish to reflect on and discuss. If you would like to see all of the questions at once, and choose from the full list, please click on LIST of Questions, and choose your question from there.

There are No Right or Wrong Answers

Everyone will be sharing their own unique experiences. We are here to open our hearts and minds to one another, as we uplift our spirits. No judgments allowed. Please speak to your comfort level, and express as much or as little as you are comfortable with.

Before engaging in For the Love of Justice, let each of us take a deep breath, and EXHALE

When you feel you want to end game play, you may want to say a Group Prayer. You may choose your own Prayer to end with, or begin with your own first sentence, and have each person in the group add a sentence until the prayer feels complete.