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Welcome to the In The Line of Duty Police Officer Dialogue Game. We are so glad you are here.

Policing is incredibly challenging, and presents unique stressors and sacrifices to those who serve this distinctive calling, even more so at this time. Developed by and for Police Officers, In the Line of Duty is designed to strengthen personal and professional resilience in an engaging, enjoyable, reflective and interactive environment, as well as to provide a resource through which to navigate and reflect on the internal path of the Warrior / Guardian. In these fraught times, we trust this will be a place where you can support one another, and help each other to process what you are going through, so you don't have to struggle all alone. As changes are being made in Policing protocols nationally, this resource can also assist you in the expression and understanding of what these changes might mean to you personally, and professionally.


In the Line of Duty contains 70 Questions.

Please ENTER In the Line of Duty, and begin. Choose someone to go first. Whoever chooses the question is the Leader for that round. The Leader reads the question out loud, then each participant will answer the same question, until every participant who chooses to, has answered. Then, the next person is to choose the next question, and so on. You will see a previous and next button -- designed so you can go backwards and forwards, to choose the question you wish to reflect on and discuss. If you would like to see all of the questions at once, and choose from the full list, please click on LIST of Questions, and choose your question from there.

There are No Right or Wrong Answers

Everyone will be sharing their own unique experiences. We are here to open our hearts and minds to one another, as we uplift our spirits. Please speak to your comfort level, and express as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Of a question does not appeal to you, please feel free to take a pass on it.


Some of the questions are intimate and personal and may be difficult to speak about. Please have everyone agree that whatever is said during this time together, will remain confidential. Also, please have everyone agree to allow each person to speak their own truth without interference.