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Welcome to the CPR Couple's LOVE GAME!!! We are so glad you are here.

The CPR Couple's Love Game is designed to help you as a couple to navigate and reflect on your unique journey together, and to assist you in being a source of inspiration, encouragement, support, understanding, compassion, resilience, comfort and love for one another in these difficult and stressful times.

Game Instructions

The CPR Love Game has 20 Discussion (ShareTime) questions, 60 General Questions, and 45 Love Quotes to read to one another, and to share thoughts and feelings about with one another.

Please ENTER the game, and begin! Choose someone to go first.

You will see a button for QUESTIONS. There are two different types of Questions. You will see there are 20 SHARETIME (Discussion) questions, and below these, you will see 45 GENERAL questions. Please feel free to scroll up and down to alternate between SHARETIME questions you will discuss with one another, and the GENERAL questions -- which each one of you will simply answer, and then move on.

You can scroll through the questions to find a question you like, or you can simply choose to answer the questions in the order they appear.

Whoever chooses the question is the Leader for that round. If you choose a GENERAL question, the Leader reads their chosen question out loud, then your partner will answer the same question. When you have both answered the same question, it is the other person's turn, and so on. If you choose a SHARETIME question, you will discuss this question together, until you feel satisfied.

You will see a previous and next button -- designed so you can go backwards and forwards, to choose the question you wish. If you would like to see all of the questions at once, and choose from the full list, please click on LIST of Questions, and choose your question from there.

You will see a button for LOVE QUOTES. These are love quotes for you both to reflect on and to share your thoughts and feelings about with one another. When it is your turn to be the Leader, and you wish to switch from Questions to Love Quotes, click on Love Quotes to choose the quote you wish.


It is important that you both agree there will be no repercussions when one speaks their truth.

This is designed to be a Conflict Free zone. If a question becomes stressful, please feel free to move on to a different question.

Some of the questions are intimate and personal, which can be threatening to comment on. However, it is such a level of intimacy in open and honest sharing that builds strong bonds and strong relationships. We sincerely hope this game will help to deepen and strengthen your relationship, and bring you comfort and joy!