Warrior Spirit Reintegration Game

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Welcome to the Warrior Spirit Reintegration Game. We are so glad you are here.

We understand that Service Members and Veterans understand one another, speak the same language, and are best at healing one another. As you are a unique culture of individuals who have taken the oath to protect our nation, you face unique challenges. We know that reintegration and opening up after these experiences can be profoundly difficult work.

Warrior Spirit is a place where you can support one another, and help each other to process what you are going through, so you don't have to struggle all alone. The Warrior Spirit game creates a space where the people in the group are one another's comrades, teachers and guides. In a supportive atmosphere, Warrior Spirit will illuminate how each individual has been impacted by their military, as well as life experiences. The questions in Warrior Spirit can reveal your deepest values, and it is also a place to be supported in expressing your fears and challenges.

Warrior Spirit is a vital opportunity for participants to share who they really are, share their strengths, what they struggle with in their lives, process their thoughts and emotions, communicate authentically and openly, and bond with one another in supportive ways.

Thank you for your Service.

Game Instructions

Warrior Spirit contains 75 Questions and 68 Quotes

Warrior Spirit contains 75 Questions and 68 Quotes Please ENTER Warrior Spirit, and begin. Choose someone to go first. Whoever chooses the question is the Leader for that round. The Leader reads the question out loud, then each participant will answer the same question, until every participant has answered. Then, the next person is to choose the next question, and so on. You will see a previous and next button – designed so you can go backwards and forwards, to choose the question you wish to reflect on and discuss. If you would like to see all of the questions at once, and choose from the full list, please click on LIST of Questions, and choose your question from there.

You will see a button for QUOTES. When it is your turn to be the Leader, and you wish to switch to a Quote, click on QUOTES, and choose the quote you wish for your group to interact with. Read your quote out loud, and all participants share thoughts and feelings about the quote with one another.

There are No Right or Wrong Answers

Everyone will be sharing their own unique experiences. We are here to open our hearts and minds to one another, as we uplift our spirits. No judgments allowed. Please speak to your comfort level and express as much or as little as you are comfortable with.

Set a Safe Space

Some of the questions are intimate and personal and may be difficult to speak about. Please have everyone agree that whatever is said during this time together, will remain confidential. Also, please have everyone agree to allow each person to speak their own truth without interference.